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SAMSUNG VP-D354I Battery Replacement

VP-D354I - outstanding longer life Li-ion SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery pack 700mAh good for replacement and extra need. Charge up your Camcorder SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery and get ready to shoot. Capture the scenery, smiles and excellent moment, you'll find you can record even more memories with your SAMSUNG Digital Imaging products.

  1. New 700mAh 7.4V Li-ion Samsung VP-D354I Battery

  2. Price:
  3. Product Brand : SAMSUNG camcorder battery
  4. P/N Number : VP-D354I
  5. Replacement battery : SAMSUNG SB-LSM80 ...
  6. Battery Type : Li-ion
  7. Voltage : 7.4V
  8. Capacity : 700mAh
  9. Color : Grey
  10. Dimension : 53.4 x 31 x 16.5 mm
  11. Net Weight : 47.5g
  12. Item Number : ECSM013G

Rechargeable SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery
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    We supply retail and wholesale SAMSUNG VP-D354I camcorder batteries. As a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable professional distributor, we store new Samsung Camcorder Batteries Vp-d354i in differrent countries and dispatch Vp-d354i items from the USA/ UK/ HK stocks.
  • SAMSUNG Vp-d354i Camcorder Battery :
    This SAMSUNG Vp-d354i Battery is rated at 7.4V, 700mAh. It is compatible with parts: VP-D354I , VP-D355 , VP-D355I , VP-D451 , VP-D453 , VP-D453I , VP-D454 , VP-D455 , VP-D455I , VP-D651 , ... It is safe for using with overcharge and overheats protection. Perfect blend of functionality, portability and style, it is powerful for both work and amusement.
  • Fast shipping, 1-month fund return, 1 year warranty.
    • For Codes
    Samsung :
    Samsung SB-LS80 , SAMSUNG SB-LSM160 , SAMSUNG SB-LSM80 ,
    • Service and Tips
    How to Conserve Power on a Single SAMSUNG VP-D354I Battery Charge?

    There are many features that your VP-D354I SAMSUNG camcorder performs which consume more battery power. The absolute worst is using a camcorder light that is powered from your camcorder's battery. We recommend using the camcorder light that is powered from its own power supply or SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery. Another is by never rewinding or fast-forwarding your tapes on your camcorder. Before you leave your house, cue up your tapes to the desired location with your camcorder plugged to the ac power supply.

    How do I know how long to charge my SAMSUNG VP-D354I batteries?

    All of our SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery chargers are automatic. Follow the charging instructions that came with your charger. For most battery chargers with LED lights the RED light on indicates charging in progress and the GREEN light on indicates charging completed. You can also calculate the approximate charge time using this method. Divide the desired charge mAh by the charge rate of your battery charger mA. For example to charge 1600 mAh rated batteries that are fully discharged it would take about 2 hours using a charger with a charge rate of 850 mA. (1600/850 = 1.88 hrs.)

    Why are your SAMSUNG VP-D354I battery or charger prices much lower than most other companies's?

    As we are the SAMSUNG battery VP-D354I and charger manufacturer, huge business laptop battery, external laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, multi battery chargers, laptop ac dc car(auto) adapters, two way radio batteries, cell phone batteries, pda battery and more portable device products, supply universal wholesale and retail delivery. We have automatic online order system, we are able to lower our battery and battery charger prices to keep our daily sales volume high. To balance service quality and profit margin, note we deal with online order only for cost saving, almost our communication is through email. Our email service system is real-time, we guarantee customers get information updated in time.

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