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ACER ASPIRE 5570 Laptop AC Adapter + Car Adapter Replacement

  1. New 90W Acer ASPIRE 5570 Laptop AC Adapter, Input: 100-240V, Output: 19V

  2. Price:
  3. Product Brand : ACER Laptop AC Adapter
  4. P/N Number : Aspire 5570 Series
  5. Input Volts : 100-240V
  6. Output Volts : 19V
  7. power : 90W
  8. Item Number : EAD1007KO1
  9. Note: With nine different sizes of power tips that enable you to power and charge different models of laptops, PDA, Cell Phones, MP3, Car, etc.
Power ACER ASPIRE 5570 Adapter Supply
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    We supply retail and wholesale ACER Aspire 5570 Series adapter. As a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable professional distributor, we store new Acer Laptop AC Adapter Aspire 5570 in differrent countries and dispatch Aspire 5570 items from the USA/ UK/ HK stocks.
  • ACER ASPIRE 5570 Laptop AC Adapter :
    This ACER Aspire 5570 adapter' s specs: Power: 90W, Input Volts: 100-240V. Output Volts: 19V, which compatible parts#: Aspire 5570 Series , Aspire 5570Z , Aspire 5580 , Aspire 5580 Series , Aspire 5590 Series , Aspire 5600 series , Aspire 5610 , Aspire 5610 series , Aspire 5620 Series , Aspire 5630 , .... New, no refurbished. ROHS international standards, green battery, no pollution. Rigorously tested for power, voltage, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Overcharge protection and overheat switch, safe used. Perfect blend of functionality, portability and style, powerful for both work and amusement. So, the ACER Aspire 5570 adapter's very okay. Generally, also supply the ACER Aspire 5570 battery in our stock.
  • Fast shipping, 1-month fund return, 1 year warranty.
  • Buy ACER Aspire 5570 Series AC Adapter and battery Together save £1.00

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    Need a longer lasting ACER Aspire 5570 Series Laptop AC Adapter?

    We provide safe, reliable and long life ACER Aspire 5570 Series laptop AC adapter. Our replacement adapter is made up of high-quality materials. At 25℃ ambient temperature, it can run 30,000 hours without failure.


    1. The latest integrated PWM IC design makes its size smaller, efficiency higher and temperature lower.

    2. With short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection and other multiple protection features.

    3. Through rigorous testing, it reached to FCC, UL, RoSH certification standards.

    4. 100% compatible with the original equipment.

    5. Full one year warranty and 30 days money back.

    ACER Aspire 5570 Series Environmental Requirements:

    • Operating temperature: 0℃ - 40℃ maximum working load
    • Storage temperature: -20℃ - 60℃
    • Humidity: Non-condensing condition, humidity 5% - 95%

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