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Replacement SAMSUNG sp28-d155 Battery

Buy a replacement SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery for you, wherever, travel around the world or from your office to your home, maintain uninterrupted work cycles. This SAMSUNG SP28-D155 laptop battery has achieved international standards such as CE, UL, CULListed, ISO9001 /9002 and other certification.

  1. New,Li-ion,11.1V 6600mAh Samsung SP28-D155 Battery for Laptops UK

  2. SRP Price:
  3. Our Price:
  4. You Pay:
  5. Product Brand : SAMSUNG laptop battery
  6. P/N Number : SP28-D155
  7. Replacement battery part#: SAMSUNG SSB-P28LS6 ...
  8. Battery Type : Li-ion
  9. Voltage : 11.1V
  10. Capacity : 6600mAh
  11. Color : Black
  12. Dimension : 148.9 x 88.9 x 19.6mm
  13. Net Weight : 514.5g
  14. Item Number : ELSM014KO1
Rechargeable SAMSUNG sp28-d155 Battery

Replacement SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery, Store new SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery in differrent countries, optional capacities: 6600mAh

  • SAMSUNG sp28-d155 Battery Availability:
    Retail and wholesale, friendly, knowledgeable and reliable professional distributor. Dispatch SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery items from the USA/ UK/ Europe/ DE/ Canada/ HK stocks, shopping portals:(sp28-d155).
  • SAMSUNG sp28-d155 Laptop Battery :
    This SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery' s specs: Li-ion, 6600mAh, 11.1V, which compatible parts#: SP28-D155 , SP28-V160 , SP28-Y160 , V20 cXTC 1700 , V20 Series , V20 XTC 2000 , V20 XVC 2000 , V20 XVC 2400 , V25 Series , V25 XVC 2000c , .... ROHS international standards, green battery, no pollution. Replacement battery. Li-ion cell, no memory. Overcharge and overheat protection, safe used. Perfect blend of functionality, portability and style, powerful for both work and amusement. So, the SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery is very okay.
  • Fast shipping, 1-month fund return, 1 year warranty.
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    SAMSUNG sp28-d155 Battery Use Manual

    New SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery needs charging and discharging cycle first before the regular usage. Because battery from factory to the users' hands that exists the time differences, and the electrode materials will be its passivation for the battery of the longer time difference, which is why the purchase of new batteries need to be completely filled with charging and discharging cycle three times to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to activate SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery performance, to reach maximum capacity. Meanwhile, the laptop has the data transmission agreement end between battery and the computer, after the need of two or three times charged and discharged cycle, the percent of its real capacity can keep pace with the percent of content on the computer's screen. Cycle's steps: insert incomputer to discharge until the shutdown, and then recharge the battery, charging time must be over 12 hours, to repeat the action of charging and discharging for three times.

    The proper use of laptop battery usually will be very crucial. Discharge can not fully take end, there are about 5 percent of electricity charging, we should not be spent replenishment. Otherwise, it will accelerate the aging batteries scrapped. If the relatively high SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery capacity (such as more than 80 percent) under the charge of the case, will accelerate the aging of SAMSUNG SP28-D155 laptop battery. Use lithium ion batteries in 25 to 35 degrees centigrade, will show better performance. The low temperature or high temperature than the above state, its performance will be greatly devalued.

    When using the SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery, fever is a normal phenomenon, because in the process of the <{$e_mamodel|lower|capitalize|replace:"Series":""|replace:"Business":""|replace:"Notebook":""}> battery charged and discharged, energy conversion will result in heat and at the same time the amount of heat will be transmitted to the battery. But if overheated (burning), stop using it immediately and ask for the professinonals to check.

    When not using it, charge it to about 50 percent's energy and take out of it from equipment and stored in temperature :10-20 degrees centigrade, humidity :45-75 percent. Do this each day and more than one charge, and discharge cycles to eliminate passivation of electrode materials, and activate battery performance.

    Prevent the liquid entering into the SAMSUNG sp28-d155 laptop battery. Once liquid immersing into batteries, stop using it, dry with a dry cloth and put it in the ventilation to dry, otherwise they will result in danger.

    Not arbitrarily demolish the Samsung sp28-d155 battery. In order to prevent short circuit, do not use metal objects (such as necklaces, etc.) batteries hit the positive and a negative extreme.

    Don't let the SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery near the fire source, not subject to any pressure, otherwise they will lead to danger.

    If the Samsung sp28-d155 battery charged and discharged after three complete cycle, performance or significance still decline indicate that you should change the battery.

    Shopping service tips

    Goods sold battery and adapter for Samsung sp28-d155 are designed to compatible many battery parts, and which works with each laptop notebook computer machine model.

    Click "add to card". Then find "payment method" and you can choose PayPal, Credit Card and WorldPay, or Check Money.

    Order cheap, 1 year warranty! Not only in wholesale but also retail price in global for SAMSUNG sp28-d155 battery and adapter. Availability: Order In Stock (USA , Canada, and others.)

    Shipping ASAP to your home, your place of business, your travelling aim place, or another residence address and all of the packages can be tracked. Usually shipping the same business day before PM 2:00.

    Defective Samsung sp28-d155 batteries may be replaced if returned within 1 year from the date of purchase. If products do not work properly, please contact our customer service department first to resolve your problem. Do not return them directly to us without getting a RMA number. It may make us difficult to find your transaction record so as to delay exchange or refund process.

    Defective SAMSUNG SP28-D155 batteries must be returned within 30 days from the RMA issuing date.

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