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COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 Laptop DC Adapter + Car Adapter Replacement

  1. New, 80W Max, Compaq CONTURA AERO4/25 Laptop DC Adapter, Input: 12V, Output: DC 15V/16V/19V/21V

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  5. Product Brand : COMPAQ © Laptop DC Adapter
  6. P/N Number : CONTURA AERO4/25
  7. Input Volts: : 12V
  8. Output Volts : DC 15V/16V/19V/21V
  9. power : 80W Max
  10. Item Number : EDD7002KO1
  11. Note: With nine different sizes of power tips that enable you to power and charge different models of laptops, PDA, Cell Phones, MP3, Car, etc.
Power COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 Adapter Supply
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    Retail and wholesale (pcs) COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 adapter, store new Compaq Laptop DC Adapter Contura aero4/25 in differrent countries, optional power: 80W Max, friendly, knowledgeable and reliable professional distributor. Dispatch Contura aero4/25 items from the USA/ UK/ Europe/ DE/ Canada/ HK stocks, and also members of the Amazon and Ebay shopping portals:(contura aero4/25).
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  • COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 Laptop DC Adapter :
    This COMPAQ Contura aero4/25 adapter' s specs: Power: 80W Max, Input Volts: 12V. Output Volts: DC 15V/16V/19V/21V, which compatible parts#: CONTURA AERO4/25 , CONTURA AERO4/25C , CONTURA AERO4/33 , CONTURA AERO4/33C , EVO N115 , EVO N160 , EVO N180 , EVO N200 , EVO N400 , EVO N400C , .... New, no refurbished. ROHS international standards, green battery, no pollution. Rigorously tested for power, voltage, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Overcharge protection and overheat switch, safe used. Perfect blend of functionality, portability and style, powerful for both work and amusement. So, the COMPAQ Contura aero4/25 adapter's very okay. Generally, also supply the COMPAQ Contura aero4/25 battery in our stock.

    Fast shipping, 1-month fund return, 1 year warranty.
    • Service and Tips
    Need a longer lasting COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 Laptop Battery?

    Actually, many factors affect the amount of time that a laptop battery can deliver power before it must be recharged. How to extend CONTURA AERO4/25 COMPAQ laptop battery life? Here are some more tips to improve your COMPAQ CONTURA AERO4/25 laptop notebook's battery life:

    1. If you do not use your laptop for extended periods of time (a week or more), remove the contura aero4/25 compaq laptop battery pack from the laptop.

    2. Do not expose the battery to high heat or freezing temperatures. Do not leave your battery in your car in the summer. Hot batteries discharge very quickly, and cold ones can't create as much power.

    3. Make sure to plug your laptop charger adapter into a UPS and not directly into a power outlet or surge protector.

    4. If you have a nickel-metal hydride battery, completely drain and recharge the battery once a month to maximize its capacity to hold a charge.

    5. Fully charge new battery packs before use. New pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.

    6. For laptops that work as Desktop Replacement, the battery should be re-installed every 3-4 weeks and allowed to fully discharge.

    7. Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.

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    Goods sold battery and adapter for CONTURA AERO4/25 COMPAQ are designed to compatible many battery parts, and which works with each laptop notebook computer machine model.

    Click "add to card". Then find "payment method" and you can choose PayPal or Credit Card. With SSL safe order.

    Order cheap, 1 year warranty! Not only in wholesale but also retail price in global for CONTURA AERO4/25 COMPAQ battery and adapter. Availability: Order In Stock (UK, Europe and Ireland Netherlands Portugal France Italy HK DE ... and other , USA , CANADA)

    Shipping ASAP to your home, your place of business, your travelling aim place, or another residence address and all of the packages can be tracked. Usually shipping the same business day before PM 2:00.

    Defective CONTURA AERO4/25 COMPAQ products may be replaced if returned within 1 year from the date of purchase. If products do not work properly, please contact our customer service department first to resolve your problem. Do not return them directly to us without getting a RMA number. It may make us difficult to find your transaction record so as to delay exchange or refund process.

    Defective CONTURA AERO4/25 COMPAQ products must be returned within 30 days from the RMA issuing date.

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